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...consistently good advice in
both bull and bear markets.

-- former SEC Chairman
Arthur Levitt


Dear Investor,

From our launch in 1946 to today, Dow Theory Forecasts has provided rock-solid, well researched investment advice that's consistently profitable -- year after year.

Since 2000, our Focus List portfolio produced gains like these:

  • Golden West Financial (Golden West Financial), bought 11/3/2000, +92.3% gain
  • Mylan Labs (MYL), bought 12/20/2001, +42.4% gain
  • Fisher Scientific International (FSH), bought 6/5/2003, +25.8% gain
  • Michaels Stores (MIK), bought 6/5/2003, +25.4% gain

Of course, the real profits are made over the long haul. Like these:

  • Harley Davidson (HDI), bought 12/6/1996, +258.9% gain
  • Wal-Mart Stores (WMT), bought 9/20/1990, +636.0% gain
  • Walgreen (WAG), bought 2/25/1988, +1,364.1% gain
  • General Electric (GE), bought 4/28/1967, +2,334.2% gain
  • PepsiCo (PEP), bought 6/14/1968, +4,440.3% gain

And many more.

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Dow Theory Forecasts Wins Year After Year

• Forbes cites Dow Theory Forecasts as one of only a handful of newsletters that delivers superior returns in both up and down markets.

• Our Focus List is one of the rare newsletter portfolios to beat the market year after year: +154.2% since December 1994.

• We consistently rank among the five best long-term portfolios in the independent newsletter watchdog Hulbert Financial Digest.

Here's how we do it, year after year:

Step 1: The Dow Theory determines the market's primary trend (i.e., bull or bear market), as it has done successfully for over a century.

Step 2: Our Quadrix® stock-rating system finds stocks with the four traits winners have in common: compelling value, quality growth, solid finances, and strong momentum.

Step 3: Our high-powered research team gives you the right answer to the question "What do I do now?"

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