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...consistently good advice in
both bull and bear markets.

-- former SEC Chairman
Arthur Levitt


Dear Investor,

Today's up and down stock market call for investment thinking that's rock-solid and well-researched. From a source that has proven profitable -- year after year. From advisors with the wisdom and depth of experience needed to provide sound investment judgment.

In other words, advice from Dow Theory Forecasts.

From our launch in 1946 to today, Dow Theory Forecasts has consistently given investors the right answer to the question "what do I do now?" That's why:

• Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt says Dow Theory Forecasts provides consistently good advice in both bull and bear markets.

Our Buy List is one of the rare newsletter portfolios to beat the market: +111.1% since 2003. And Dow Theory Forecasts ranks among a select group of newsletters that outperformed the market for five, 10, and 15 years ended December 31, 2010 according to Hulbert Financial Digest's January 2011 Long-Term Performance Ratings .

Get Market Intelligence that Fuels Real Wealth

With Dow Theory Forecasts, you are subscribing to the ability to build and preserve wealth ... steadily and reliably ... one stock at a time, no matter what the market does. And to build that wealth comfortably, without fearing the short-term up-and-down market blips that give others sleepless nights.

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How Dow Theory Forecasts Wins Year After Year

With today's volatility, serious investors need a lot more than just "buy", "sell" and "hold" signals to feel comfortable investing their money. So here's a rundown of how Dow Theory Forecasts will keep you profiting year after year.

Step 1: Keeping Investors on the Right Side of the Market for 100+ Years

We start with the Dow Theory, which has proven its mettle for over a century.

The Dow Theory distinguishes the market's primary trend (i.e., a bull or bear market) from short-term price fluctuations. Short-term movements can make it look like the primary trend is changing, and they last only weeks before giving back up to two-thirds of their gains -- often violently.


Step 2: Finding Tomorrow's Winners Today

Next, our Quadrix® stock-rating system narrows the universe of stocks to a qualified pool of likely winners.

Quadrix® is based on seven characteristics that virtually all winning stocks have in common.  They include:

1. Compelling value: You will seldom go wrong buying something for less than what it's worth. The trick is using the right ratios and data to know what it's really worth.

2. Quality growth: Sales, earnings and cash flow may be growing. But are they steadily growing or an aberration? A one-time accounting gimmick? The key to our success is how we combine these calculations to measure quality.

3. Solid finances: A company's long-term prospects matter little if it doesn't have the staying power to weather short-term setbacks. With Quadrix®, we get a clear picture of a firm's staying power.

4. Strong momentum: High momentum stocks can supercharge profits. But beware: there are many different ways to calculate a stock's momentum. We use 10 different indicators to get the whole picture of a stock's momentum.

Quadrix® recently helped Dow Theory Forecasts uncover 8 stocks that comprise an unprecedented profit opportunity. Get them today with this report:  Eight Strong Stocks to Buy Now - FREE with a trial subscription to Dow Theory Forecasts.


Step 3: Sound Judgment From Top Advisors

What really sets Dow Theory Forecasts apart from the hundreds of single-person newsletters is the depth of our research team. In today's uncertain market, it takes a high-powered team like ours to give you the right answer to the question "What do I do now?"

Check our website to see for yourself. You'll find their academic credentials are impeccable and their track record is impressive.


"What do I do now?"

In Eight Strong Stocks to Buy Now, you’ll get the facts on the 8 stocks Dow Theory Forecasts sees as an unprecedented profit opportunity. All are solid companies with stable, compelling earnings. And all have this in common:

Bulletproof growth – not accounting shenanigans
Stable finances – the stamina to thrive despite setbacks
Great value – the straight story on what they’re really worth
Compelling momentum – they’re moving up now and they’ll keep moving up.

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