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We don't claim to have a crystal ball, and we don't pick stocks like we do. We don't load up on one or two industry groups, and we don't tout speculative names based on gut feelings. We recommend diversified portfolios based on a time-tested and disciplined approach, emphasizing attractively valued shares of high-quality companies.

While our risk-averse approach seldom generates industry-leading returns for a single year, it has allowed us to compile a track record of consistent success. Consider the latest returns compiled by the Hulbert Financial Digest, an independent tracker of investment newsletters. Dow Theory Forecasts ranks among a select group of newsletters that outperformed the broad stock market for the five, 10, and 15 years ended Dec. 31.

Because we achieved market-beating returns with below-average volatility, we also outperformed on a risk-adjusted basis for the five, 10, and 15 years ended Dec. 31. Even our Focus List, which is more volatile than our other buy lists because of its concentrated nature, outperformed on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis for the five and 15 years ended Dec. 31.

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