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At different times in recent years, subscribers have accused us of being anti-utility, anti-technology, anti-financials, and anti-energy.

Most of those critiques stemmed from low sector representation among our recommended stocks, but the real explanation is simpler. We're against stocks with weak Quadrix scores, regardless of their sectors.

Our Buy List holds 48% in consumer-discretionary, energy, and industrial stocks — three sectors with average Quadrix Overall scores above 63. In contrast, our holdings in the four sectors with the lowest average Overall scores make up just 16% of the Buy List.

In Industry Spotlight we delve into segments of two of the more confounding sectors.

• S&P 1500 health-care stocks average Value scores of 46, the lowest of the 10 market sectors. We can blame biotechnology (Value scores of 26) for much of that weakness. What's up with biotech? See Industry Spotlight for answers.

• Technology doesn't look special, with both Overall and Value scores roughly in line with the index average. But the massive sector (259 stocks making up 19% of the index's market capitalization) has many stories to tell, not the least of which is the resurgence of old tech. Turn to Industry Spotlight to learn whether yesterday's market leaders are still relevant.

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