Q&A: Tracking Your Stocks


Q I'm a new subscriber who recently purchased a few of your recommendations. How can I best track these stocks?

A Obviously, reading the Forecasts is an excellent way to track stocks we recommend. Our Buy and Long-Term Buy recommendations run on page 7 every week, and we announce rank changes at the top of page 6. Whenever we downgrade or buy/sell a stock, we will discuss our rationale in the newsletter.

Subscribers can also visit www.DowTheory.com for information and updates on our recommendations. Finally, our Wednesday and Friday phone and internet hotlines provide information on the stock market and any rank changes. See the Rank Changes box on page 6 for instructions on how to call the hotline.

Q The Forecasts places a lot of emphasis on the Quadrix stock-rating system. Do subscribers have access to Quadrix to track stocks, including those the Forecasts doesn't monitor?

A Yes. We calculate Quadrix scores on about 5,000 stocks, updating the ranks every Thursday. You can find these scores in the Subscriber Area of our website. To log in for the first time, use your account number (found on your newsletter's address label) for both the username and password. Once you log in, change your username and password to something easier to remember.

In addition to Quadrix scores, the website provides a host of tools to track investments, including our Portfolio Manager, which allows subscribers to monitor up to eight portfolios containing up to 75 stocks apiece. If you want to see how your stocks rank relative to their peers, the Industry Group Studies link provides Quadrix scores across more than 150 industries. Finally, you can access the newsletter on the website anytime. We post the latest issue on Wednesday evenings, days before it arrives in the mail.

Q Is there an easy way to learn ahead of time when companies will report quarterly results?

A Typically, companies will report the dates of their earnings announcements in the investors area of their corporate websites. You can also find this information at http://biz.yahoo.com/research/earncal/today.html. Our Looking Ahead feature (published every Monday in the Subscriber Area at www.DowTheory.com) includes a list of Forecasts-recommended stocks declaring that week.

Q Can individuals listen to companies' earnings conference calls? Should they bother?

A Forecasts editors listen to quite a few earnings calls each quarter. Not surprisingly, some are more insightful than others.

Any investor may access a conference call. Companies list the dates and times of conference calls on their website. Many firms will provide recordings — or even transcripts — of their calls online. 

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