You Won't Find This On Google


A few weeks ago, a potential subscriber decided not to pay our subscription fee because "I can Google info like this for free."

I've written for the Forecasts since 1999 and never received such a complaint. But if one person believes it, others probably do as well, which means we need to do a better job of pointing subscribers to the juicy stuff. With that in mind, here are five pieces of information we provide that you will not find with an internet search.

1) Our stock advice. We present our buy lists on page 7 of every issue. And if you don't have your copy handy, just visit and login to the Subscriber Area. In the right column you'll find a section called Our Portfolios that will list the latest composition of our Focus, Buy, and Long-Term Buy lists, as well as our Monitored List (stocks we cover) and the Top 15 Utilities and mutual fund portfolios.

We review our stocks on a twice-weekly basis, and if a stock is on one of our recommended lists, you can purchase it at the current price. We never make a change on any of our lists without telling you first, either in the newsletter or via our twice-weekly hotlines.

2) Our take on the market. Every week we write a Market Commentary that includes what percentage of equity portfolios we advise you keep in short-term reserves. In these pieces we address issues ranging from stock valuations to bond yields to Dow Theory signals to political trends.

3) Carefully researched investment stories. Are we the only ones writing about investments? Not by a long shot. But we do our own research, tapping into statistical data, company publications, trends in profit estimates, and information about a company's competition and end markets.

4) Investment tools. Visit our website for help with financial management, asset allocation, and retirement planning. These and other tools are available in the Tools & Resources section of the Subscriber Area. 

5) Quadrix scores. We use Quadrix, our proprietary quantitative-analysis system, as the first screen in our stock-analysis efforts. We mention Quadrix in the newsletter frequently, so we won't go into a lot of detail today. If you'd like to learn more about Quadrix, visit

Each of the five items above represents material we've developed in-house. You won't find these goodies with a Google search.

I'll close this column with two features we provide that you can look up on the internet — if you have a lot of spare time.

1) News on monitored stocks. We upload links to stories about the stocks we cover on most days when the market trades. You'll find these links at, or in the Research Center section of the left column of the main page in the Subscriber Area. These companies generate a lot of headlines, most of little value. We sift through the endless sands of news to find the stories relevant to investors.

2) Quarterly earnings. Sure, you could read the earnings releases for all of your stocks. Some subscribers do, and more power to them. But most of you don't have the time or interest to do that much research. If you only want the results, go to There we present quarterly results for all of our recommended stocks.

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