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The Forecasts has published weekly since 1946, which means we've been around since long before the internet.

However, we're not luddites. Our website has been going strong for more than a decade, providing a simple way to access the newsletter, as well as reams of data and stories that never make it into the printed pages.

Get to know us better at Login to the Subscriber Area using your account number (located on the envelope that brings your newsletter), and you'll find everything from original, daily, web-only content to a selection of prescreened stock reports to three years of back issues available free of charge.

With our website in mind, today we'll present six questions asked by readers like you, all of which are answered on our website.

Q Stock X has fallen in the week since it reported earnings. Should I sell it?

A We get this one all the time, and we can't answer individuals directly. First, we prefer to avoid knee-jerk reactions and usually wait for the market (and us) to digest the implications of the news before making a sell or hold call. Second, even if we've already made a decision, we like to tell everyone at the same time, in our twice-weekly hotlines and/or the pages of the newsletter. That satisfies both the Securities and Exchange Commission and our own sense of fair play. Our Wednesday hotline contains the same rank changes as the weekly newsletter. Our Friday hotline may include downgrades based on earnings or other news.

Q When is the weekly newsletter available on the website?

A We upload each issue in PDF format on Wednesday after the market closes, five days in advance of the official issue date, usually before 5:30 Central time. If Wednesday is a holiday, expect the upload Tuesday instead.

Q How well have your buy lists performed?

A We provide performance data at our website's Subscriber area. Login, then look at the far-right column and scroll down until you find the Our Portfolios section. The Performance link will show you returns for our stock and mutual-fund portfolios since the start of 2003. You'll find all three of our stock lists have trounced the S&P 500 Index by more than 50 percentage points.

Q How can I assess your newsletter without knowledge about when you buy and sell? Why don't you give us a "Date Initiated" column in the portfolio list on page 7?'

A We provide buy and sell dates for all of our recommended stocks at and have for many years. In fact, you can access that information for not only current recommendations, but all of our historical recommendations as well. Just login to the Subscriber Area and click on the Upgrades/Downgrades link in the Research Center section of the left column. From that page you can access documents that include buy dates, sell dates, and returns for stocks during their time on our lists.

We provide initiation-date information in the newsletter from time to time, but that data takes up more space than we can spare on a weekly basis. Fortunately, the website has room for a lot more information than fits in the printed newsletter.

Q I would like to invest in a health-care sector fund or a health-care real estate investment trust for income. What REITs and funds do you recommend?

A At the moment, our buy lists don't contain any REITs, and our fund portfolios don't use sector funds. However, some features at can help you.

• From our mutual funds page ( you can access percentile rankings on more than 5,000 funds, then sort those funds by category.

• We offer an Alternative Income Watch List ( that provides A (above average), B (average), and C (below average) ratings on some REITs and master limited partnerships (MLPs). The A, B, and C ratings don't work the same way as those we use for common stocks on our Monitored List; they label REITs and MLPs compared to their peers, not the broader market. For more on REITs and MLPs, just wait until next week's issue (dated Oct. 9) for a story on alternative income options. 

Q I sometimes have trouble with the telephone hotlines. Is there another way to get that information?

A You can access in three ways. First, by phone. Use the number and passcode printed on page 7 of the newsletter. Second, via e-mail. Call our customer-service department at 219-852-3200 or send e-mail to and provide us with an e-mail address. Third, on the website. Login to the Subscriber Area, and you'll find a link to the most recent hotline (and more than 10 years of past hotlines) in the far right column.

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