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Location is everything.

That real-estate adage applies to investments as well. After all, the difference between a top-of-the line stock and a near miss is typically huge. But unlike real estate, the highest-quality properties in the stock market don't necessarily cost you more money.

The very top scorers in our Quadrix stock-rating system perform much better than the rest. Our Overall rank is derived from six category scores, and only stocks strong in multiple areas will earn a top rank.

High scorers boast the best growth. S&P 1500 Index stocks earning Overall scores of at least 97 averaged per-share-profit growth of 25% over the last 12 months, versus 10% for the entire index. You might expect to pay up for that growth, but the top scorers also average trailing price/earnings ratios of 10, versus 18 for all index stocks. Value is the most important of the six categories, and stocks with Overall scores of at least 97 earn an average Value score of 85.

By focusing on the highest Overall scorers, you eliminate stocks with serious weaknesses, leaving only companies with many areas of strength. The table below lists Forecasts picks with Overall scores of at least 97

Company (Price; Ticker)
AGCO ($43; AGCO)
Apple ($397; AAPL)
CF Industries ($168; CF)
Chevron ($102; CVX)
Google ($579; GOOG)
Intel ($24; INTC)
UnitedHealth ($46; UNH)

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