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To reach us by phone, please call: 1-800-233-5922.

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: After subscribing to my newsletter, how long will it take to receive my first issue?
A: Once we receive your order, it will take between five to ten business days to receive your first issue.

Q: When should I expect my free bonuses?
A: Bonuses are shipped within two business days of receipt of your payment.

Q:  What is supplemental merchandise?
A:  Supplemental merchandise refers to the products other than newsletters offered by Horizon Publishing.  These products include financial aids, special reports, books, reference items, etc. and serve to help you make wise, educated investment decisions. 

Q: How can I place an order for supplemental merchandise offered by Horizon Publishing?
A: You can place an order for any merchandise offered by Horizon by visiting our online catalog or by calling 800-233-5922 with your credit card handy. 

Q: Can I be invoiced or billed for a supplemental merchandise order?
A: Sorry, but supplemental merchandise must be paid for in advance either by credit card, check, or money order. 

Q: How long before I receive the supplemental merchandise I ordered?
A: You will receive your supplemental merchandise within five to ten business days after we receive your order. 

Q: When does my subscription expire?
A: Your expiration date appears above your name on the envelope you receive your issue in.  If you have trouble finding your expiration date, please fill out and submit the form above or contact customer service at 800-233-5922 and we will be happy to assist you. 

Q: How do I change my personal information such as my mailing or e-mail addresses?
A: You can change any of your personal information listed in your account by using the customer service form found above.  You can also call customer service at 800-233-5922 to update your account. 

Q: Why is the charge for my newsletter listed under Horizon Publishing Company on my credit card statement?
A: Horizon Publishing is the parent company that publishes Dow Theory Forecasts, DRIP Investor, and Upside.

Q: What other newsletters do you publish and how can I sign up for a free trial to each?
A: We publish Dow Theory Forecasts, DRIP Investor, and Upside.  You can sign up for a free trial on each publication’s Web site. 

Q:  I have misplaced one of my issues.  How can I get a copy of a past issue?
A:  We have back issues available in PDF format in the subscriber area of the site.  Just sign in to view our archive of back issues.  If the issue you are looking for is no longer available online, please contact customer service using the form above or by calling 800-233-5922 and we will be happy to help you. 

Q: Why am I receiving invoices for a subscription that I have cancelled?
A:  You are receiving an invoice for issues that you have already received, prior to your cancellation that have not been paid for.  Please contact customer service using the form above or by calling 800-233-5922 for further information on your particular invoice.


If you have any other questions not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to contact us using the form above or by telephone at 800-233-5922.